As I struggle with pornography, here is my safety plan. I intend to use this to the best of my ability. Godbless

HeartSupport Safety Plan

This is my 7-step plan to keep me safe in difficult moments I face. I’ve thought through these steps in advance to make it easier for myself to get help when I need it.

STEP 1 - Warning Signs

Signs that a crisis may be developing (thoughts, images, mood, situation, behavior).

  • Sign 1 - stress/anxiousness
  • Sign 2 - rapid heartbeat
  • Sign 3 - cravings to view pornography

STEP 2 - Internal Coping Strategies

Things I can do to take my mind off problems without contacting another person (relaxation technique, physical activity, etc.)

  • Strategy 1 - go fishing
  • Strategy 2 - drive drive drive
  • Strategy 3 -

STEP 3 - Worth Living For

Things that are most important to me and worth living for (these can be big or small, anything from loved ones to your morning coffee)

  • Live For 1 - my little girl
  • Live For 2 - my beautiful wife
  • Live For 3 - my to be baby girl
  • Live For 4 - my father
  • Live For 5 - my panda girl (dog)

STEP 4 - Supporters

People whom I can ASK FOR HELP (friends or family who you can call at anytime for support)

  • Supporter 1 - my wife
  • Supporter 2 - therapist
  • Supporter 3 -

STEP 5 - Professional Help

Professionals or agencies I can contact in a crisis

  • Name & Number of Clinician -
  • Name & Number of Local Urgent Care Services

STEP 6 - Safe Environment

Things I can do to make the environment safe

  • Safety 1 - a place with no technology ( no tech no porn)
  • Safety 2 - work work work

STEP 7 - My Signature

By inputting my forum username below, I am committing to utilizing this safety plan in my next high intensity moment when I need support.



Very proud of you and so grateful to have you here in this community and willing to share this


Well done, @Hopeful. It’s so good that you’ve decided to create this Safety Plan for yourself. I see that you have listed your therapist there and would surely encourage you to share this plan with them as well. They may be able to work with you on identifying other coping strategies that could help expand your “STEP 2” list, but also to reflect on how you feel when you’re feeling these urges.

This is a strong step that you’ve just taken and I hope you’ll take some time to thank yourself for it. :hrtlegolove:

If you need some accountability and support from our community, it may be interesting to have a look at our action groups that are meeting on Discord. Just a little heads up in case you feel like this oculd be beneficial for you too while you are on your own healing path. :hrtlegolove:


Im glad to have found heartsupport. Thank you for all of your kind words. Believe it or not, they matter and i can see they make a big difference in this community.