As it lays, here I stand wearily

The grievance here is addiction.

Ah, old mercurial specter of my being.

I’ve promised to quit you.
Humanly, I fail.

I’ve relapsed. Nothing more to give, and all to lose.

And yet, we submit ourselves to this.
It is a sickness.

Weary am I.


I want you to know that if you’ve relapsed, it is not the end. You can always get back up and start again. Don’t look at the relapse as a means to mentally “beat yourself up”. Acknowledge what you did, and then rise up and start over. Look at it as another opportunity, in the future, to be able to reach out to someone else, who will be where you are now. And you’ll be able to let them know that even if they relapsed, things can be okay. Because YOU will be their example. We are here for you, cheering you on. Don’t give up! You are so worth it!


Hey @Khai,

I remember you from your last post because of your elegant writing style! Please don’t be too hard on yourself because of your relapse. A good friend once told me to not focus on your slip-up; instead, focus on your victory. In other words, you made it [x] days of being clean - be proud of that and set a new goal to make it 1 extra day. You’re strong. You can do this! We believe in you.


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Relapses aren’t the end of the world. I’ve had many in the last few weeks of my recovery. You can fight through this. I heard a quote from someone who I respect VERY much that I need to work on remembering and could help you too. “you are running a race you trip and fall a few miles in do you start at mile 0 or where you fell down? You start where you fell down, you get back up and keep going.” You can do this, we believe in you!

Hold Fast

I have my struggles and I decided to stop counting the days when I stopped to when I fell. I know I need to stop my struggles and it has to do with discipline. It takes time. One step at a time.

In times of my struggles, I have left it up to God because damn his son died for my screw ups. There is life after your struggles. You seriously not alone. I will seriously be praying for you and hope things do get better.

Love and blessing my friend.