From Rod M.: As someone who struggles with depression, I want to listen and help. Let’s beat depression together.


The more people listening and helping the better! Welcome to Heart Support.

From Manni XP: Hi, Rod. Welcome to HeartSupport!
This is the Support Wall. People make posts under a few different categories (such as Support, Venting, Progress, and Action Plan), and then others respond!

From Manni XP: HS also has a number of Support Wall Action Teams (SWAT) that meet every week to respond to posts.

Thank you Rod for being so willing to help. We’re stronger together, aren’t we? I hope that these unfortunate experiences that you had – with depression especially – will be turned into sources of inspiration and care for others. Worst thing is to feel, ultimately, as if we are utterly alone with our struggles. The very fact that you reach out about wanting to be there and care for others is such a gift. Thank you for being here.

Side note: we have groups of volunteers on Discord that are called “SWAT” (for Support Wall Action Teams). They meet weekly to respond to people who posted on our anonymous forum. If that is something you’d like to be a part of, I’d highly encourage you to open a ticket through #swat-teams-adult channel (if you’re +18). It’s a wonderful way to help and volunteer in this community. A lot of people ask for help everyday on the forum and need to be heard, supported, cared for. :heart:

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From Mystic Gaming: Hey guys i had a full day of crying :cry: :sob: because I felt so isolated

From Micro: Hey <@889635026206068817> <@389237487094071337> – I would definitely encourage you to create your own threads in the<#1087357688482123816> channel, to share what’s on your heart and ensure to be supported by this community. You can write what you need in a new post and then click on the “post” button. It’s the best way to make sure what you say is heard, and that members of our community will send you some encouraging words. You’re not alone.

I’m closing this specific thread here in the meantime as the OP wasn’t asking for help but offering it – which can be done on other people’s threads. <:hrtLegoLove:390927785717137409>