Assisted suicide 2 (tw)

I wish people were more accepting of suicide, instead of lying to ourselves to protect ourselves from it. Shouldn’t we be more supportive of people who want to take a chance on death?


Hey Hayshaker.

As we discussed already, assisted suicide is accepted in some countries, but it is related to a condition that would imply for the person to only degenerate in the long run. As far as we know, because mental health can be extremely complex, there are only a few conditions that objectively lead to a worsened condition with time, such as Alzheimer or Dementia. The reality when it’s about depression or other conditions is different because there are ways to learn to heal from it, or at the very least to learn to live with it. We don’t know examples of people who heal from Alzheimer, but we know so many examples of people who thrived and built resilisence despite chronic depression, anxiety, traumas and so on. For sure, the hardest past is to find the right solutions as it will be different for everyone. It can be very messy and may takes a lot of time to find what works for one individual.

People are generally not supportive of suicide because it’s about giving up on the fact that there are solutions to try, and that healing is a real process. Depression especially, tends to put us in a spiral, to make us feel stuck with a tunnel vision that happen to change with time. Assisted suicide, on the other hand, is a totally different topic, as it is legally regulated in some countries and we know that the condition of the person is not going to be better in those cases. I believe you are talking about suicide, not assisted suicide, which is where a confusion sticks. Still it’s about two very different realities.

You’ve mentioned this subject multiple times on stream and here several times on the forum, and I’d like to encourage you to talk about it with a counselor as well. Your perspective is totally understandable and there is a logic behind it that I acknowledge. However it takes active steps to build hope when we feel defeated. Healing doesn’t happen instantly, but it’s a process that’s worth the try, always. Just because each day is a renewed opportunity to try differently, to feel better and find what could serve us. And the amount of possibilities is actually huge, from just having a hobby, to taking meds, seeing a therapist or finding a personal purpose… it’s all about trying.


Hi Hayshaker,
I don’t know if I have any words that will convince you either way, and that’s not my intent. I want to say that I do hope you talk to someone qualified and experienced in the field who can listen to you and talk through your thoughts and feelings. It’s a lot of work to change the way we think - therapy, meds, lots of hard conversations, etc. You’re worthy of the effort, you’re worthy of the time it takes to change things. Hope that you can find the support you need and be able to have someone to guide you. The one thing I hope for you is that you are indeed open to listening to what people are suggesting. Even if you don’t like what they’re saying, please see if there are any solid bits of advice in the other posts. Wishing you all the best. Hard road ahead, but it can get better.

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Take a “chance” what does that mean? Cuz once your gone, your gone and you can’t come back. It’s not a chance it final. I think that the majority of people who don’t want to live have some type of mental illness that with the right meds/therapy can be healed. Are we taking a chance that things will get better for us if we end our lives? That’s just not logical.

I’m so confused.

PS. People who come here and ask for help deep deep down don’t really want to die.