The poet Mary Oliver’s Instructions for living life.
“Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.”

Life is about observing the world around you, finding things that astonish you, and then sharing them with people.
I want to share something I find astonishing:
There has been no one like me or you since the beginning of time and there will never be anyone like me or you ever again for as long as time exists. This is astonishing to me, and helps me appreciate not just my life but everyone else’s life too. It allows me to appreciate, praise and celebrate life.

I would love to hear what’s something that astonished you today? (This is just as much for me as it is for you).


I have a small stream that begins in my yard, and every time I walk down to it and see that there is still water flowing I am astonished and inspired by its example of consistency and perseverance.


That there are more stars in the universe as there are grains of sand on the whole of our planet. All known life is made of the elements of the universe, which symbolizes for me, a universal connection to life everywhere.

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I’m astonished at the human body. The astronomical amount of simultaneous activities going on inside of us at any given moment. It’s ability to cope, heal, and continue in the face of almost anything.


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