At the verge of breaking the heck down

These “typical” break downs are not fair on me to have cause its not my fault , but not also those who have to witness. The last breakdown i had was last month and it was really dumb. but i’ve had a bad one back in 2017. Today i was non stop cleaning from 9 am to 4 :30 pm with no break but i finally got a chance to sit down before getting back to work and when i had to continue my dad caused me to have a semi small meltdown where i wish i put a gun to my head. but yet i didn’t. then the second one was also a small one . after awhile he asks for my help for later on and i actually stand up for myself . I told my dad can my sister do it and he makes some dumb excuse saying its for the rabbits. Like um excuse me my sister came home after being home since 9 am , and guess what? Her lazy a** was sleeping . He didn’t ask for help . which frustrates me because hes allowing her to sleep and be lazy while i have to help and be frustrated because my own father just … you know. i’m so done with being the bigger person trying to do what I need to do . this isn’t fair but i know life isn’t fair. i’m just done. i probably just need to suck it up and just loose it when i’m having to do what i need to do. i’m just really frustrated right now and needed to vent , thanks!


It sounds like you have a lot on your plate currently. Make sure that you are taking care of yourself as much/as well as you seem to help other people.

Take heart that if you are feeling this way, it’s okay. You don’t to suck it up but maybe you just need a new way/a little help in processing and dealing with it all? Have you thought about talking to someone (a therapist/counsellor)?

You are important and loved!

@Michellelena i have seen a therapist but not in awhile. and thanks i had asked my sister and she gave me a snarky comment so yeah

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