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Attachment issue

So lately I’ve gone through a lot and im really not coping well. My dad kicked me out because im a disappointment basically and because I wasn’t ready for college due to my poor mental health. This left me with no choice but to move in with my mom that I don’t really get along with that well and when I was kicked out of my dads my mom came and got me and all I have are like 2 trash bags of my stuff back from my dads and I haven’t even done anything wrong he just abandoned me for his gf and her son and pushed me out of the picture and I really have bad abandonment issues so I constantly feel like a burden and unwanted so once I moved here though I got a job within about a week and everything was fine until I formed an attachment to this guy I work with and basically he just wanted me for sex and the problem is that I really like him so much that it hurts and I have a bad problem with forming unhealthy attachments to people basically having a favorite person and I can’t seem to pull myself away from him no matter how hard I try and today he told me some guy at work has a crush on me and that the guy I like was like thank you acting like im his girl even though he says he doesn’t want a relationship and then he follows up with apparently telling this guy that me and him are just friends so now im just trying to figure out if that was his way of saying whatever we have is over or what because after all of that a little while later he asked me for a hug and continued to tease me the rest of the day but basically now im just struggling with my self worth and feeling absolutely used and worthless so im not sure what to do and on top of all that im the only source of income between me and my mom because she is disabled and its so stressful because we have been close to homelessness so many times and I keep having mental breakdowns and I feel like giving up almost every day and I just got told by my therapist that they can’t see me anymore because I guess im a lost cause or something and that also really triggered my abandonment issues… I just don’t know how to handle all of this



Hi, glad you found us, welcome :hrtlegolove:

Sounds like you’re going thru a lot, I’m sorry life has been such a struggle. It sucks.

Have you been diagnosed by your doctor? Things like your abandonment issues and having a favorite person and doing anything to keep a relationship I relate too. Also, pretty much everything else you said you’re feeling, I feel too.

Why does your therapist think you are a lost cause?

Hey @Luna123
Thank you for posting, I am so very sorry you have all this going on, your post saddens me so very much as I can relate to quite a lot of it, I too have had those abandonment issues all of my life due to being kicked out for the very same reasons when I was young, It had a massive impact on my life and yes also gave me problems with forming other relationships, reading your story wasn’t that different from reading my own from a long time ago. The really sad part for me is that I hate to think that another person feels that way but I can tell you from someone who has been there, if you have poor mental health, that is not your fault and you need to speak to your Doctor if you if your therapist cant see you anymore and you still need help, because they must find you someone else.
Your self worth is damaged because you have been treated poorly but I will tell you that there is nothing wrong with you at all, you are not a bad person, you are a wonderful person who needs to be shown that they are loved and valued and wanted and respected and you also want to be able to learn to feel that way about yourself because when you do, the relationships you have including with men will change and you wont accept that negative treatment as you will know your worth.
You are not now and never will be a lost cause Luna and please believe me on that. Do not give up, ask for more help please. You deserve a wonderful life and I want that for you.
Please keep in touch.
Much Love
Lisa :heart: