Attacked on Twitch

so I was just in a stream on twitch where I was literally attacked because I’m borderline autistic and I suffer from borderline personality disorder they literally trolled the crap out of me to the point I felt worthless and unwanted and told me I should go and seek mental help which I would like to add that I am already as much help as I possibly can but living in the UK it hard to get support for borderline personality disorder :sob:


Hey friend,

I’m so sorry that people made you feel attacked and bullied for things out of your control. That they treated you with lack of respect, understanding and compassion.

I also am autistic and have BPD. Through out my upbringing I struggled off and on my entire life with people treating me poorly and criticizing me for my diagnoses. It’s never easy.

Someone on Twitch who has help me feel less alone in this is @DyllonKG. Who is open about his diagnoses in his stream and very warm and welcoming to others who can relate in that and other ways. He openly speaks about his experiences and shares how it has impacted his life and how he has grown. Maybe he could be a place of comfort for you. And I assure you, that you will never be attacked in his stream. He is so full of love and has such an incredible community

I also encourage you to come hang out in the Heart Support streams and discord if you are not already. As we are a family of people who all struggle and try to work together to encourage one another and lift each other up. :heart:

I’m sorry you were hurt in other places. But these are places where you will be embraced for who you are without judgement. :heart:



Hey! Twoguysonecouch is amazing! Absolutely love that dude! :heart:

I hope that discord provides you a place where you feel safe you can go to and be yourself. My DM are open.

Here you are cared for as you are. :heart: