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Attraction to therapist, can anyone relate?

I feel like today was just a lot, my mind is constantly thinking about everything so here it goes. A therapist I used to see, I was extremely attracted to him. I can’t get him out of my mind. I haven’t seen him in over a year and I still think about him late at night from time to time or during the day but mostly at night when I’m lonely. I don’t know what happened but has anyone ever dealt with anything like this? I know it wasn’t healthy for me to keep seeing him so I got a new provider but for some reason I still can’t stop thinking about him. My new therapist help me unwrap some things like why I might have been feeling those feelings, I’ve never had that warm, secure, nurturing feeling from a man before and it was something I crave so when he was able to give that to me by just doing his job and listening to me and being a good therapist I fell for him, hard and I think him being physically attractive made it worst for me. Has anyone gone through anything similar? It kind of made me feel weird to even feel those feelings like I wasn’t normal for feeling that way.


I can laugh now. He was my psychiatrist and I had just met my soulmate in August 2007 and I pretty much said that I loved him and he nearly hit the glass door taking out tea for his plants when I was in hospital. I wasn’t serious I just feel safe with him .

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Yea me too, I feel like I felt really safe with him.