Back, here's a one year update :]

It’s currently thundering where I’m at and I’m still awake doing homework at 2 AM (Might be watching Demon Slayer at the same time but shh) My first post was in January 2020 and I was hoping that would be the last. But I’m back, wish I could say I’m doing better. Well- on October 25 I’ll be 25 days sh clean, This school year is okay so far, better than the past three years anyways, other stuff has gotten better in some ways… So I guess I am actually doing better, just not better better if that makes sense. Some things I felt last January never left, I think it’s gotten worse and it’s getting bad again. I’ve just gotten better at dealing with all of it or I’ve just gotten better at lying to myself. Maybe both. Probably. Oh well, sad stuff is for another time I’ve got work to do. Might delete this, edit, restart or repost, unless I forget for another year lol

I hope you all are doing well, or it gets better for you.


I’m gad to hear you’re doing better! As for better, that’s something elusive. Most of us won’t find better immediately, we’ll just find livable. We learn to cope and to manage, to know that things aren’t all bad and it’s not all a disaster, and to hope that one day it might get better. “Better” is a huge step though! Congratulations! I hope you knock this school year out!


Congrat on being 25 days clean, I know it hard to find got those impulse. I think Covid had definitely mess everyone mental health and it okay not to be perfect.

It also hard being in school, especially during covid , doing things online, not seeing friends and homework.

But I’m happy you trying to figure things out and I hope you the best!!!


Ah I actually meant 200* days but still, 25 is still such a huge accomplishment :, I also appreciate you understanding about how Covid’s affected a lot of people, Thank you so much!! :> You too


Yeah, it’ll take some time :, Currently learning how to and it’s so tempting to give up but I’m looking forward to that day. Trying every day until I get there and even then I’ll keep trying, thank you!! :>