Bad anxiety days

It’s been an extra hard two weeks. I’ve had a stressful time at work lately and extra school work, so I know that’s gotta be contributing to it. There are just times during the day where the anxiety just hits like a ton of bricks and I’m not sure if it’ll spiral to a panic attack. I almost thought I was gonna have one during work last week because a team leader I’m assigned to tried to pick a fight with our boss and it got heated. It’s almost like I don’t have time to deal with how I feel either because I have to go straight from working to studying. I feel terrible because I know I need to rest, but when I do take time to myself it seems like I get screwed over and it makes the rest of the week harder because I have to play catch up. I couldn’t finish all of my schoolwork the past two weeks because of how busy it’s been. I know I’ll be reassigned to someone different after this week and I’ll be done with school in two weeks. But I just wanted someone to know how I actually feel.


I know it’s been rough on you! You have made it this far despite difficult circumstances and being overworked. You do needed to take some time for yourself. Perhaps you can’t take as much time as you want, but take little breaks as often as you can. I have known people who’ve had such difficulty getting a break they’d actually go sit in the bathroom for a while and just close their eyes for a few minutes.

Lack of sleep interferes with mind functioning. It also can trigger panic attacks. You may not have any choice but to be overworked, but if you know how it’s affecting you, maybe you can compensate a little bit.

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From: Ash (Discord)

Beth_the_fake_ginger I am so sorry you are dealing with all of this. That is a lot and for me personally when my plate is filled like that I struggle with my anxiety and depression. I struggle to catch my breath and not feel over whelmed. So I know where that all comes from and can totally relate. For me during those times I had to find smaller things that ya it may not be resting but it is still self care. Mine was personally going to get coffee. I would get myself a treat of some coffee. I wanted so badly to feel as if I was okay and coffee was a small part that helped my days be just a little less stressful. I am glad after this week you will be done with the person who is being hard to deal with after the fight with your boss. I am also glad you will almost be done with school for the semester. I know that will take some weight off to help you not be so over stretched. Would your boss ever give you the day off for school days for the future that way you dont have to feel so anxious about it.


From: Micro (Discord)

Hey Beth! Thank you so much once again for sharing all of this. This sounds like A LOT to deal with, and we can feel through your words how much it’s been hard for you to just have a little break from work + school and breathe. There are times when it feels like life just keeps throwing a pile of obstacles and tasks at us and we are not even allowed to have a time for ourselves. During these times, it makes sense that our anxiety gets worse and our ability to cope too. It’s really good that you can have a perspective of change in two weeks. However, two weeks can be a long time too, and I’d like to encourage you to try anyway to give yourself a bit of time. Just 10 minutes at the beginning of the day, before you start doing anything, and ten minutes at the end of the day, could already have a positive impact on your stress. You can schedule some “meetings” with yourself, some sacred segments of time when nothing and no one is allowed to interrupt you, and during which you can just enjoy the silence, listen to a relaxing music, read some pages of a book, enjoy a warm coffee or whatever soothes you. Making sure that you can still have some me-time on a regular basis, even if your schedule is overwhelmed by responsibilities, is important. Because you are your own fuel, and your own priority! Take care, friend. You are loved dearly. <3

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