Bad bad day// worried

Hey all.

Yesterday went from a great day, to a terrible day, to a great day, and back to a terrible day.

I believe I do a lot wrong. I hate myself for it. Even if someone says it’s nothing I did, it’s net my fault, I don’t believe them. I still have the wrenching feeling that I’m the problem.

I just want him to talk to me. It’s only been a few hours so I hope he’ll talk to me today about what was going on. I’m worried.

When people leave me with “I’m sorry” or anything else short I get so freaking scared they’re going to hurt themselves or kill them selves and I really don’t want to lose this person.

Not saying that they did- it’s just my thought process.

Things go good-> persons mood changes-> must be my fault-> person doesn’t talk to me or tell me what’s going on-> totally my fault, I’m a worthless piece of shit that doesn’t deserve good.

That’s my thought process. If it makes sense.

I’m so worried. I don’t know what to do. It’s so hard to wait it out when all that’s in my head are these stupid annoying thoughts. When all I do is expect the worst.

My advice to you is you cannot please people all you can do is your best if you can’t be with this person maybe he’s not the one for you. Just food for thought.