Bad day/just need to vent

Yea… basically what the title says.

Woke up with a headache as usual. Kiera didn’t want to be held this morning.

Wasted a half hour of my work day going back and forth with someone who doesn’t know SOP. Got the go ahead from my leads to do things an alternate way to appease other person. Spoke with my manager and she has no clue what said person was talking about and is going to look into it tomorrow. Then got an order back screwed up so need to send it to another department again.

Offered to give my brother a ride after work. Had to take Kiera with me as my husband works late on Tuesdays. My brother tells me after he gets in the car that he’s super high (no surprise) and has his gun with him (also no surprise). I don’t want to proceed but I do. Get to the first stop after almost getting in a handful of accidents because traffic is shit and everything is under construction.

Got to our 1st stop and my husband texted me. I told him I’m done. Kiera was upset and my anxiety was bad. My husband left work to taxi my brother around so I could get Kiera home and fed/in bed.

He just texted me to tell me he loves me and it made me cry. This is the 1st time in a long time I’m taking my panic meds and going to bed.


I hope tomorrow feels lighter for you. I’m sorry your brother added to the already growing stress of your day, sometimes people don’t think about what others are dealing with. I hope your little one has settled and gets some good sleep too. Thinking of you


I feel extremely worn out today.

Kiera has had a rough start also. She has thrown up twice since breakfast. So on top of work, I’ve had to change her clothes 3 times today and have to wash her sheets and lounge pillow and all of her clothes. Poor girl.

I’m glad I’m taking a personal day tomorrow.


From: basicmitch818

I’m sorry to hear things have been so tough for you lately. I definitely understand how shitty work can be. I’ve personally been dealing with my boss that is condescending and just honestly a jerk. I sometimes have days where I feel like everything is crashing in on me because of it. But I think it’s great that you are listening to your body and taking a rest when you need it. Just remember how loved you are. It sounds like your husband is spectacular and those people definitely don’t come along every day. I’m glad you have him to hold your hand when things get tough.
Keep pushing! You got this!


From: Dark Weeb 666 (Matt)

Hi Sapphire. I am sorry you are overworked and exhausted,you really need to rest. Its ok to take some time for yourself. I think your brother can take care of himself. He is an adult. I really hope you can take some time for yourself. You deserve it. I hope Kiera is gonna be doing good too. I am glad you have a husband that loves you and is there for you. Together you can go through this. I believe in you :slightly_smiling_face:


From: Micro

Dearest Sapphire,

You’ve been dealing with so much in such a short amount of time. Just reading your post, I feel for you, how much life must feel like a train you’re desperately trying to catch up on right now. You are a freaking warrior, leading so many battles at once. But oh goodness you deserve to rest. And even if that sound selfish to say it, you need one freaking day for YOU. I know it’s different with a little one though, but you dedinitely have a good ally with your husband there.

You are doing something amazing for yourself by taking a day off. It is obviously needed, and definitely a healthy decision. Make sure to rest tomorrow as much as you can. No work, no brother to taxi around. Just you and your family. Enjoy a bit of silence. Slow down. Embrace time, as silly as it sounds. Even in the midst of giant storms, we can find stillness and grounding. I believe in you. <3


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