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Bad mental break down

ok so i was at school and i suffer form mental illnease and so i was in a good mood i get to study hall and i was told to level the room for no reason and work on a paper so i fins so i come back to room to give it to her she tell me its wrone nd to level the room aging and i said am takeing the grands she was not happy so she had to call my mom to tell her am refished to do my work when i aright did it and i told her am take the grand and she telll me it will be sit there for you and i told im not work on it and she like yes you are at that point i was not listen to everone and then they called the dean of students to come and get me and then the consler and i ran out of the room and when to the bath and lock my self in the stool and then they called the school resource officer to come and get me out of the stall and bring me to the consler offfice and i didnt what to talk or go but i did it took i was at my breaking point and they all wear conslider for my safty but it all trun out ok in the end worst mental break down of my life

Hi @kait2345,

I’m not sure I understand all of what you wrote, my apologies, but if I am understanding correctly, it sounds like you had a mental breakdown at school after a teacher was asking you to write a paper. Then, your mom had to be called into the situation as did others who work at the school. And possibly the reason for their involvement was your response of locking yourself in the bathroom - leading them to be concerned for your well-being.

I’m so sorry to hear that you had such a vulnerable moment in such a public setting that maybe felt out of your control. I can imagine that would be incredibly scary and hard to handle. I know that it’s challenging to be faced with overwhelming emotions in settings that don’t feel safe.

I am glad that you were able to open up to the counselor, even though it was hard for you. That shows such strength and courage. Letting others, who feel safe, into your process can help with the healing journey. You are braver than you think.

I’m happy to hear it turned out okay in the end. :purple_heart: