Bad person coming back into my thoughts

almost all day, I’ve had the one person who made my life the worst, in my head. he manipulated me, used me, was mean, rude, and just awful, and I finally got him out of my life a few months ago. that was my biggest accomplishment, to say the least.

but for some reason, I kept thinking about him. I would try to shake it off and think about something else or remind myself what he did, but I just couldn’t stop. I don’t want to think about him, he is the last person I want to think about. im just worried that im gonna give into my thoughts and start talking to him again and let him in my life again. im scared that my mind is going to convince me that what he did wasn’t bad, and im just overthinking (thats whats been happening all day).

I guess what im saying is, just keep me in your prayers, if you pray, and if you don’t, just some encouraging words or advice would mean a lot. thanks:)

I understand what you are dealing with. I have someone who was in my life and they were terrible to me. Just remind yourself that you’re not overreacting and whatever they did wasn’t good. Sending good thoughts your way :slight_smile:

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I’m sorry - I let the one person that dragged me down into my head too. You’re not alone. You’re not overreacting. If you haven’t - look into the HeartSupport phone app and listen to some of the truths on there. They’re amazing. You’re brave.

Hold fast

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Dear @nicole_kaley,
Many of us have been I that rut: someone makes it known that they want nothing to do with you, or you realize that you have to drop them for your well being.
I want to let you know that those thoughts eventually die away. It can take time, but it will happen. My one piece of advice is that you should find something to occupy your mind. Thoughts of that activity eventually push away the unwanted ones. I’m my case, for example, I found that listening to music was able to get rid of intrusive thoughts about a girl I once liked. Stay strong, and keep your head up :smile:

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Hey @nicole_kaley,

I’m glad to hear that you cut off the guy who had been manipulating and using you; some people don’t have the strength to do that and you did! You should be proud of yourself for taking that step!

Unfortunately it can sometimes take a while for the memory of someone to fade, depending on how much of an impact they had on your life. However, in this case, time does help. Just allow it to take it’s toll. You’ll get there. :slight_smile: