Bad thoughts at night

So the past few nights I’ve had these terrible thoughts of jumping from an overpass that’s not far from where I live and it kinda scares me that this thought keeps popping up in my head when I’m trying to go to sleep.


I’m sorry that you are having these thoughts. Is there someone you trust that you can tell this to? It must be scary.

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Honestly no I feel like I would upset stress out anybody that I live with this stuff.


I know how that feels. But maybe if you tell someone, maybe they can help you get through it.

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Hey friend,

Well done for sharing about what’s been on your mind for the last couple nights. It’s so important to not stay alone with this kind of thought and I hope that sharing here at least can bring some relief to you.

I hear what you say about the fear of stressing out people you would try to reach out to. It’s a legitimate fear and it shows how much you care about others. It’s a beautiful quality of your heart. However, it would also be a real injustice to only listen to this fear and prevent yourself from eventually getting more help. There are battles that are not meant to be fought alone. And ultimately, how someone reacts or deal with what you would share is not your responsibility. People get to deal with things in their own way, and that is not something that will ever be in you control. What you can do, is to ask for help when you need it, because you know your needs and you hold the potential within to let other people know about it. That is what you can do, and it will never be wrong to be vulnerable, to share what’s on your heart. When we are struggling, in any way, it is a right thong to do. Especially because being alone with our thoughts can make things worse in the long run.

I hope you stay safe and make sure to keep yourself warm and cozy at night. If you fear those thoughts, you could consider making a Safety Plan for yourself and we have a template for that on the forum:

You can use this resource and keep it with you any time you need. Also, please make sure to keep the following list of crisis resources with you too:

If you don’t know who you could talk to, then these services are always a safe option that is available. It’s okay to use these resources as much as we need.

I’m sending virtual hugs and love your way. Keep us updated, if you’re willing to of course. You are loved. :hrtlegolove:

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Thanks honestly I think just talking about here helped a lot since first posting about it I haven’t had anymore thoughts about it.

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I have bad thoughts alot. Maybe daily, weekly, almost similar to what you described.

I always question myself, why would i think that? Because some of the things i think aren’t me.

My mother in law would that its the Devil trying to disrupt you. Idk if you believe that though… but when i talk to her i feel better.

That’s nice to read. Keep that up. Talk to friends or family or even post here.

In the last few months i talked a lot more than the last years. Speaking out helps a lot.
It sound easier than it is, i know that. I am still nervous and scared to talk about my feelings and thoughts
but afterwards i feel better.
Stay safe and feel hugged my friend.
Greetings and have a nice day

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Hmm yeah idk theirs a part of me that believes but then another part of me doesn’t.

Thank you for the kind words.

I kept quiet about things going on with me for years… because it was “my” burden to carry, and I wanted to protect my friends from it.
Guess what? When I finally told them, they were hurt that I went so long suffering alone, when they would have stepped up and stepped in to help me, or just to listen to me so that I wouldn’t have been alone.

it’s a risk, yes, suppose they don’t really care? But there’s a possibility that they have ideas and solutions that we can’t/don’t because all we know is our specific pain. Don’t deny yourself that, friend.
We;re here for you always, but it sure does feel good to open up to those people we’ve known for a while and let them help us, the way we’d help them .