Band drama/ I hate the people I jam with

I dont mean no distrespect for people in my scene or in my band. But it sucks being in a band.
I get sick tired of being use for rides and get treat im the wired guy that there to get shit on. Some my bandmate ( not all of them) never really give me gas. I have to sell tickets, while some of them did not have sell one. I was driving today, literlly my drummer was busting my ball, treat im an moron ( while he get a free ride.) Last band I was that i did, thought as useless or replaceable band member. I feel Im always the guy that get fuck over and use.

Also, I do practice my guitar regular. I usllay do at least hour or 2 hours a nigut, sometime I do 3 hours a night. I try practice my songs everday mostly and also took lessions. Im always down to write and get better. But awhile other members dont even try to practice and dont even bother to buy their own gear. Act like they know ever thing about music.

Its get old, becuase I want to play and share my music for fun. but seem I have to deal with that dont valure or respect me. It gets to point punch all those jerk in face and it put in a dark place. Its like i dont belong in my own scene and really get to me.

I understand the drama of people being assholes. I myself actually want to start a band, but I don’t really know if I would be good at it. Also, what band do you play in?

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I play in a metal band, similar to killswitch engage in a way.

Also, I know went on vent on here, but you should start a band. Unfortunately , it drama at time, but worth it for the music. Part of you cant have good without the bads.

Thank you, Seimiccoyne,
I do want to start a band, but I don’t really talk to people. I have lyrics written out and everything, but I just don’t know if they are enough.