Bank Issues

I have been stressed out because there was a mix-up at my bank and it got over drafted and I had less money in my account but luckily I had overdraft protection but still seeing my account low made me jump because I have to monitor what I spend and I have to keep a certain amount in my account but hopefully I can get a refund tomorrow to my account but things like this make me stressed out.


From: Micro (Discord)

Oh Ranma, it totally makes sense to feel stressed by that kind of thing! It’s an unfortunate event but thankfully you had a good reaction and the situation is going to be resolved. But jeez… this is the type of thing that makes us feel a roller-coaster of emotions in a very short time. I can’t count the amount of times a mistake was made at some type of service of administration, and I knew it would be a nightmare to get it resolved… Definitely stressful to have to handle that kind of thing, not mentioned the waste of time. I hope you’ll be refunded tomorrow and will be able to get a relief from that! Just to make sure this unfortunate event would be closed as if nothing happened. Fingers crossed!


From: Ash (Discord)

I am sorry the bank had a mix-up that is always rough. I personally stress so much about money that even the fear of oh this has to come out and this has to come out freaks me out. I work hard to not feel that way but its just tough because money is so important to my living and well being like for emergancies or what not. I hope your bank was able to fix the issue. Also perhaps this is something that has meaning to you maybe it is something like in my case as a child we didnt have a lot of money and lots of times my mom would fear that we wouldnt have enough for food or to pay electric so I learned fast that when money goes out the door other bills have to be left at the side. We maybe went without food or without specific things for a little bit. So now I hyper fixated on my own money being positive all the time and it kind of is to a point of constant anxiety for me. Have you ever shared this issue with anyone. I am glad you came here to support wall we are here.


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