Bashing people in my head

I want to be a kinder person but I tend to bash people in my head as a way to suppress my intrusive thoughts… Anyone got any ideas how to stop these bashing behavior? I heard negative thinking can raise cholesterol and weaken the immune system.


If you find out - let me know^^
Jk. But honestly: Thanks for sharing! I think being a kinder person is a very noble goal and I don’t really know where to begin myself. For me it’s usually bashing against people I don’t understand or can’t emotionally connect to. That’s why I only answer to cases here where I can relate. I’m trying to get a better understanding of people in other situations at the moment to reduce prejudices and be more open.
If I may ask: How is it for you? Do you just project thoughts about yourself on others? Who is the target of there thoughts? People, you know? People, you actually want to bash or dislike? Would love to hear more… :slight_smile:

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I bash anyone :(( Because i dont wanna be kind and taken advantage of…

Well, I think the part where you don’t want to be taken advantage of is a reasonable defense. Who would want that? I just hope you aren’t too hard on yourself here. :yellow_heart:

I stalked you a bit and saw in your other post that you are getting some help soon. Maybe you can address the topic there, if it still bothers you then. :wink:

No my intrusive thoughts doesnt bother me anymore… I imagine it like a train, i can either hop on it or let the train (thoughts) pass by.

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