Battle w ur depression

Hi friends, a week ago I had severed depression and it was eating me from inside, thankfully I am almost recovered but soon it will take over my head again.
A quick tip for you is to never listen to your depression ever, by that I mean it will constantly tell you to stay alone and stay sad and cry, avoid that at all costs.
As I already said, my depression will comeback soon and I will be posting about it here and I will be waiting for your kind and warm tips.
Love made me a completely different person


Hi new friend! :smiley:

Glad you’re here with us, and thank you for trusting us to share with us.

Never believe any sort of negative self-talk! Depression is a funny thing, it tries to isolate us by telling us that people are better off without us, then we’re alone, then when we end up doing just that, then it uses it as proof! Misery hates company and positivity, so we retreat into ourselves and believes all the lies our brains tell us.

It sounds like you’re familiar with the ups and down you experience. Are you seeing or talking to a therapist about this?

We are always here to support you and remind you that you matter, and that you are important and valuable!

i love that tagline (love made a diff person). Now does it apply to self-love? One of the most powerful loves we can have, it’s harder to love yourself sometimes but we got to remind ourselves that we do matter and we have so much worth!

Looking forward to hearing from you again!

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Hey @Jann,

Thank you so much for sharing such a thoughtful and hopeful message. I’m looking forward to reading your updates here whenever you’d like to share how it goes for you. It’s really strong of you to have such level of self-awareness, and knowing when there’s an depressive episode that would be growing almost silently. With the Christmas/New Year celebrations incoming, I can feel the weight of seasonal depression on top of dysthimia itself. Not the best season!

Love made me a completely different person

What a beautiful and powerful statement. Love this so much. I hope that, in your battle against your depression, you also use that love with yourself. That you allow yourself to be patient, to give yourself grace through the obstacles you have to face and for your continuous efforts, that you remain curious with what your own sorrow manifests from within.

I hope you take good care of yourself. I’m more than willing to discuss tips and share personal experiences, whenever you’ll come back, even though there’s as many depressions as they are people depressed 8). In any case, make sure to not isolate yourself. You deserve to have a voice, even when your depression tries to convince you of the opposite.

You are loved. :hrtlegolove:


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