BBxBender Fan #3

I feel alone, yet any time I try and connect with someone I become over whelm with memories of past failed relationships. I’m stuck in a loop that keeps me isolated from the world. I know I’m letting my past determine my future, but I’m struggling to translate that from knowledge to action.

Hey friend. That has to be rough that all you feel is just hope for a friendship or relationship because of past failed relationships. Its like why even try at all.

It has taken a lot to let go of my past failed relationship I felt what was the point and I realized I was not letting myself heal. Maybe you have not healed from your past and that is what is holding you back or its the fear getting hurt again. I struggled with that. It took being vulnerable and being honest. Come hang out in discord or the twitch stream.

Hope you find some joy and love in this response.

Hold Fast
Morgan Vincent Hochstetler
HS Intern