BBxBender Fan #4

Can never do anything right. I fail at everything I try to do in life.

Everyone fails. Everyone. It sometimes takes dozens or hundreds of attempts to make any progress towards what feels like success. The people who are good at things have spent years sucking at them first.

First, make sure your definition of success/failure is accurate and realistic to your skill level. You’re not going to sculpt David on your first go. Then, create a system of rewards and achievements for progressing your skills, and have plenty of off-ramps in case that progress doesn’t happen. Make sure that you’re finding some kind of mentorship for your skills. That can be as simple as watching a million YouTube videos, or finding streamers on Twitch who do what you want to learn. Many times failures stem from simple mechanical ignorance. Having a support system to ask questions to is invaluable.


You are good at something. Don’t give up. The best is to learn from our failures and keep believing that “Yes I can do this!”.