Be a better human

Well hello. This community is great on so many levels. After going through years of dealing with mental health (and still dealing with it, but realising what I’m dealing with) I’m always happy to see people supporting people.
I’m trying to unlearn behaviours and replace them. I used to intensely depend on aggression and anger as a device to either drive others away or assess if they were going to be there to put up with me. Sometimes I still lash out when people get a bit too close or too emotional. Some people would say I’m cold at times and admittedly I know I come across as that.
Basically I’m working to be a more open person and not only better myself but be able to support others.
I’ve had some deep depression and anxiety, but don’t want that to be an excuse to hold myself or anyone else back. I don’t plan on being a complete open book just now, but steps are being made in a better direction.
I don’t know how to end this… cheers?!


Great to hear you are improving! It’s great to figure out steps in how to be a better person and not let negative emotions get to you. Can’t wait to hear from you again! Good luck!

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Thank you! There are times of course where I think about my actions and words and know I could approach things differently, but I hope it’s all a part of learning and next time can change things.
I often get into the comparison game when it comes to my mental health. “This person has it worse and I shouldn’t be feeling this way”.


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