Been forever since I last been here

Idk if anyone remembers me, or anything but, I guess lately I have alienated from this forum, and recently been feeling rather lonely… but yeah. I’m back, dunno what else to say

Well, there are a lot more headmates now which overtime should introduce themselves. But it’s all been good, mental health wise? No, it’s been a steady decline, some days it sharply drops down and eats away at my life. But overall hanging in there

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Hey @Sky-Trev,

Of course I remember you! It’s really good to see you. It’s also totally okay to take breaks and/or use the forum the way you want. No pressure or obligation to stick around - we all do as we can, and how we want!

I’m sorry things have been rough, mental health wise. If you need or would like to talk about it, you know this community is here as well. As for your new headmates, then we’ll learn to know each other as well with time. That’s okay. :hrtlegolove:

You’re loved.

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