Been good for 14 days

I’ve been doing better spending time with my brother and making music. I’ve also decided to become a DJ thanks to my main influence Aiden Skye aka The Gothic Robot on tik tok. I just bought my DJ deck on Monday and it’s coming Friday. My DJ name is the Gothic Vampire and I plan to practice from videos on YouTube and someday go out in public so I can DJ at my friends parties and someday for other people as well.


What’s up @RickyP?! Yo so cool deciding to mess around with being a dj, I had a family memeber in Indiana that did that for a long time and he loves it! Such a good fun thing, when you get up and running shoot your YouTube name and all I’ll give you a follow I’m always down to listen to new stuff myself! And 14 days doing good that’s a huge accomplishment! I hope you have a ton more days kicking butt!!! Good luck with that new dj board hope to see your videos and maybe learn something rom you or just jam to your music some day

That’s so awesome, @RickyP. So glad to hear such positive news. I can only imagine how covid has been affecting your own passion for music, as being a DJ relies a lot on the interactions with people. It’s really good to hear that you’re looking for different ways to learn and live your hobby though. A work in progress with lots of goodness to follow once things get a little better, if not 100% “normal” again. Have fun! :hrtlovefist: