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Been really struggling lately {tw sh and su*cide}

Last year, i was in the worst point i have been in ever (at the time) i just got out of an extremely abusive relationship and it finally hit me, it was after that relationship i realized that i was transgender
i was cutting every day, some days i couldn’t walk because it hurt too bad, ive suppressed alot of memories from that time

these past months ive been fully stable and happy, up until the point where school got harder, the days got longer and i felt like there was no escape from my failures, the missing assignments, not being able to understand the material, not being able to even read
some days it got really bad, i felt like such a failure then i snapped.
I started cutting again, this time on my wrist, one night, was super bad, i cut too deep and my hand went numb, im doing better now, but im still burdened with school, and my hand is still tingly

Hey Friend,

I haven’t been around HS in well over a year now, but something about your post made me want to come back and give some support.

First, I want to tell you that your pain, and hurt and stress is valid. Please don’t ever think otherwise. I’m glad to hear you were doing well for the last few months, my friend that shows progress. But please don’t feel like your relapse is a set back, because I’m telling you it’s not! You can continue to move forward and takes steps towards recovery and happiness once again!

One of the best mentors I ever had told me something I’ll never forget, your relapses and mistakes do not define you. You are not a failure. You are loved and valued. And you’re going through a rough time.

Is it possible for you to get some tutoring for your school work? Or maybe talk to your teachers and see if they can help you out?

Keep your head up my friend! And don’t give up.