Been very irritable


Pretty much what the title says. Ive been VERY irritable the past 3 or 4 days and Im even annoying myself, because I know its mostly me and not everybody else.

Kiera has been really moody too and she has been crying more and wanting me to hold her but I cant hold her and work at the same time. Ive had to put her in her room for 10 or 15 mins yesterday and today so she would stop throwing tantrums.

I dont know whats causing this. If its the diet or these headaches Ive been getting or peoples bad moods seeping in but Im getting tired of it. I dont know how to get in a better mood.


Sorry you’re feeling that way. It doesn’t help that Kiera is feeling much the same way. It could be that she senses your mood and it bothers her.

Headaches alone is sufficient to cause irritability. Irritability can also cause headaches. Diet may be a factor, and it may come to a lot of trial and error to figure out if diet is related. Any number of foods can be involved. My wife can eat half a banana, and she enjoys it. If she eats a whole one, she gets a headache. Some forms of sugar can spike blood sugar, followed by a period of low blood sugar. That can cause a headache. Caffeine can be the culprit, but for me, it often cures my headache.

Is it hard to take a break because you always feel as though you “should” be doing something all the time? That can lead to a tension headache.

Are you getting enough quality sleep?

Taking “time outs” is important. There were times I was so desperate to stop and give my brain a rest that I’d go sit in the bathroom with my eyes closed. I’d shut the world out, relax, quiet my thoughts as much as possible, and let my mind drift quietly. I called them my “mini meditations.”

Know that you deserve guilt free “me time.” Do something for yourself. Talk to someone you miss. Veg out in front of a meaningless comedy. In other words, recreate and nurture yourself. Finding the time might be difficult, but caring for yourself is important, and will make taking care of other things much more bearable.

BTW, I appreciate hearing from you.

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Ive cut my sugar intake down a fair bit. I didn’t cut it out completely though. I also cut back on, but did not fully remove starches from my diet. I know when I checked my blood pressure yesterday afternoon it was getting low again.

I did consider that Kiera probably is sensing the moodiness but I feel like Im stuck now in this cycle now where Im upset, so she gets upset, starts throwing tantrums which makes me even more upset and so on.

Im going out to lunch with a family friend this weekend. Hopefully that helps. I told my husband about my mood and let him know he isn’t the cause because I dont want him to think Im mad at him.

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Hi Sapphire,

I’m so sorry that you’re going through this rough time. Diets can be so aggravating, right? It’s hard to deprive yourself of the things you enjoy. With what you described about your blood pressure, I hope you’ll speak with your doctor. You’ve got that precious little one to look after and that can just add on the stress as well. Please take care of yourself, momma. You’ve got this!


Hi Sapphire,
thank you for reaching out to us. thank you for coming back to us.
first, thank you for taking the Action Plan and you did great so far.
is your dieting overseen by someone or are you doing that on your own ?
when you start losing weight, doing something like that, you should eat healthy and clean, to be aware that your
body gets all the things that he needs. it is good to talk about someone professional about that.
when stress and all that comes together then, that is hard to deal with.
take care of yourself and little Kiera :purple_heart: you are loved and you matter. feel hugged



I’m by no means a dr or understand all the things your body has been through, sometimes those diet changes and increased exercises can impact us in various way. I guess keeping in touch with your dr is something that you probably are aware of and are doing, so I just want to say that I hope this weekend will be easier for you. I hope you enjoyed or enjoy lunch with your family and have some time to relax


From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hey Friend, It sounds like you are having a tough time of it, I feel for you I really do, having food issues myself and seeing you trying so hard breaks my heart for you and it also makes me wonder if you are not over doing it. Blood suger high or low can cause all sorts of problems such as the headaches and most definately the moods and it is not just related to diabetes, we all have highs and lows in our blood sugar and if you are excercising a lot and eating less it might be worth checking with your doctor or better still a dietician to see if what you are doing is enough to keep you running healthing. Its no good getting fit if you feel ill all the time. sending love your way. Lisa.x

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I do wonder if it is my diet. I have an appointments with my doctor in a couple of weeks, so I will talk to her then.