Being alone is a dark place for me

I am currently on the path of healing as I write this…I experience anxiety and depression at least once or every other day. Some times are worse than others. This usually occurs when I am alone at home and it’s late…As I’m writing this…I feel scared and hopeless. I know these feelings to not be true, however, it is very difficult to see that when I’m feeling this way. Being in a space with just me is still a frightening place to explore. Talking to God through these episodes helps me cope with the pain and hopelessness. I want to feel strong and wanted even when I’m alone. I want to always know that I am loved by my friends, my family, and my God. It’s in these moments that I have no choice but to reach out. I feel broken and lost…I want to feel hope and joy. I want this feeling to be over.

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Have you ever considered getting a pet? I know it’s not for everyone, but my cat saved me when I was living alone away from my family. Also, I always recommend “The Power of Now” which is a book that helped me deal with those suffocating moments when I get too into my own head.


I would love to have a pet, however, my current residence restricts all pets. Unfortunately, my lease doesn’t end for at least another year. Although, I will consider your book recommendation. Thanks for reaching out friend.