Being in tears

Everything is my fault. No matter what there will always be a way to pin the blame on me that makes legitimate sense. My stepmom always says that since I don’t communicate things to her that I’m at fault for plans not working out. But I write whatever I have going on over a month on the calendar. I usually try to write things at least 2-3 weeks in advance. I’ve been pretty on top of it, but somehow I don’t communicate. I even physically say it and she says I don’t communicate. If I’m not told that my dad works every saturday that we’re with him how am I supposed to know that I need to remind my stepmom to take me to bowling? whenever I do ask I don’t get an answer so I guess I’m just supposed to know. I forgot that I had districts rehearsal after school today, but I forgot and went to bowling instead. I said out loud in the truck “oh crap I have districts rehearsal today” and almost started crying. My stepmom never even acknowledged me. She never said “do you want me to turn back?” or anything. She later told me, after I got home, that she was waiting for me to say something. First of all, she never asked if I was okay or reassured me that it was gonna be fine. My girlfriend did. Second of all, I was focusing on not crying and she didn’t ask me if I wanted to go back and go to rehearsal. My choir director is cool about it since it’s the first one I missed, but it just pissed me off that my stepmom didn’t even say anything. She stayed silent and kept driving. Then after I got home she’s telling me all this about tomorrow, what happened today, etc. and it makes me feel like I’m at fault for everything. So I’ve been in tears since I got home about an hour or so ago.

I sarah I hope you’re ok I have message you on discord if you want to chat

Big hugs

Things will gets better