Being induced

I had a routine doctors appointment yesterday and I let my doctor know that my husband and I would prefer an induction.

My blood pressure was pretty high at the appointment (I have white coat anxiety but it’s not usually that high) so they redid my blood draw to check my liver function.

So far the plan is to have my labor induced on Feb 22nd, which will be 38 weeks.

I got a call from my doctor this morning saying that my liver function does appear to be declining suggesting that I might be developing pre-eclampsia and they may induce labor even sooner.

I’m hoping whatever happens, I was monitored close enough to have caught this early and not have any long term issues for me or the baby. It’s hard to believe in as little as a week I will be a mom.


Is there a very high risk of anyone dying?

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No. The baby is far enough along that odds of her surviving are high and so far throughout the pregnancy she has been very active and growing at a pace the doctors are happy with.

As for me, there was no indication by doctors that the test results were an emergency (for example they increased my medication and told me some symptoms to watch for but didn’t tell me to go to the ER or anything) but they think it is safest for me and the baby to induce labor as soon as possible.


Hi Sapphire.
I hope you and your baby are gonna be healthy and fine :slightly_smiling_face:. I wish you all the luck I can :wink:. Dont worry you are going to be a great mum. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you. I appreciate the kind words.


Dear @Sapphire,

Wishing you all the best for the baby and you. It must be pretty challenging for one’s mind to adapt to the sudden news that labor will start earlier than expected, even though it is still something possible and anticipated.

How do you feel right now? If I may ask. Can’t help but wanting to check in. <3

This is going to be the beginning - or at least a new chapter - of an exciting adventure for your family and you. Knowing your heart, you are going to be amazing parent. :hrtlegolove:


Thanks, Micro.

I’m having positive and negative feelings. I have been ready to have the baby for a while now because it has been getting harder and harder to do simple things like being comfortable enough to sleep, being able to spend a day out without feeling dizzy or even putting on my own socks. I had hoped I would make it through the pregnancy without developing pre-eclampsia, which I very nearly did, and while having the baby will likely help with that, it will take time.

It’s weird, it’s been a bumpy ride these last nine months especially after having lost our first pregnancy. As rough as it’s getting now, I am looking forward to meeting my baby and at the same time it’s fairly common for most unpleasant pregnancy symptoms to go away or get better shortly after the baby is born.

So I definitely see the positives to having my labor induced early but there are always risks involved woth stuff like this and I really am just hoping that I (or the baby) don’t have any long lasting complications due to these new developments.

Right now I’m trying to take it easy as much as possible and my manager has been giving me less stressful work, especially after my father in law died and then I went to the hospital that night. I’m very lucky to have her as a manager.


Thank goodness : )

I was worried. I’m not good at understanding what grownups say


It’s ok, I appreciate your concern regardless.


Glad they have caught onto it early! I hope everything goes as smoothly as possible so you can enjoy being with your precious little one!


Hey @Sapphire

I think given the circumstances, it’s wise to go with your doctor. I know with pre-eclampsia its recommended that after 37 weeks, labor should be induced. It sounds like your doctor is being careful to me. You could get a second opinion if you wanted as well.

Hope everything goes well!


Oh, for sure. Part of me hopes that they will schedule it sooner (I will be just over 37 weeks on the 14th) to hopefully lower any chances of complications. I’m sure I will be super scared around my delivery date either way - the whole labor thing has always been scary to me but I’m hoping it won’t be too bad.

Thanks, I’m trying to stay positive about the situation. I actually just found out my husband will get 6 weeks of parental leave which will help tremendously and I know he needs a break from his surroundings at work so I look forward to that on his behalf as well. He told his boss that if anything should happen unexpectedly that he won’t go back to work until he knows I’m ok.


I was induced because of my son’s big head lol. The doctor said I had a smart uterus haha whatever that means. My water broke in the middle of the night, but I didn’t go into labor so they gave me Pitocin. I ended up having a C-Section because after 24hours of your water breaking, your risk of infection is really high. At that point, I just wanted him out so I didn’t care lol.

I had some pretty hard labor pains tho. Breathing really helped me and to focus on something in the room. You can have a movie going or music too to distract you. It’s part of the birth process, so don’t be afraid we’ve been pushing babies out since time began. You got this!

That’s really awesome that your husband gets to be there for the first weeks of your baby’s life. So much bonding can happen in that time and it’s a great time for him to be involved and help you. I’m sure he will totally be excited to help, he sounds like a great guy.


Thinking of you @Sapphire. Sending friendly and peaceful thoughts your way today. :hrtlegolove:



I had kind of a rough mental day yesterday. It seems like even with an increase in my meds I am still struggling to keep my blood pressure down so I feel like the doctors are right about the pre-eclampsia.

Thing is, my blood pressure is literally right below the danger levels that they tell me to notify them about and I don’t really have any other symptoms so my husband and I are trying to decide if I should call the doctor or not and see if they will induce labor earlier than the 21st. I have an appointment on the 14th and I expect to have super high blood pressure then since it always goes up at the doctor’s office. I also expect to have more abnormal blood test results. So if it’s anything like a couple weeks ago, they might just decide to send me to the hospital and get it over with.

Or not. I don’t know. I just am kinda scared to really eat anything because I don’t want whatever I eat to be that one thing that finally does push my blood pressure too high, even though I don’t really have anything with crazy amounts of sodium since I’ve been dealing with high blood pressure for years.

I guess we’ll see what happens.

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So, interesting development with my meds…

At my appointment Monday, my doctor doubled my dose of blood pressure medicine to see if that would help. Wrote me a new scrip but I wasn’t able to pick it up yesterday. I still had my other meds left, so I just took 2 of those until I could get my new scrip.

Taking 2 of my other meds did pretty much nothing, but I took my new scrip last night and this morning and my blood pressure went way down. I don’t know if there is a difference between taking 2 100mg vs taking 1 200mg. Could be stress yesterday or my blood pressure is just erratic getting used to the new dose. I have no idea.


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