Being let down

does anyone else always feel like they’re being let down? i used to get excited for my birthday or vacation and start planning it a month in advance and then when the time finally came, everything seemed boring. i’m not sure if it’s my brain or if i’m just getting older so nothing excites me anymore. you know the let down her. you’re excited about something but nobody else is, so you stop being excited? it’s like that. or when you were younger and something you were excited for gets canceled so you would be really sad. it’s the same now except when my plans get canceled, i don’t get upset, i just get that cloud of depression that looms over me. i’ve noticed over the past couple years, instead of imagining all the wonderful things that could happen, i don’t imagine anything at all and let whatever happens happen. not sure if that’s good or bad. on one side, it’s not good to not get excited for anything. on the other side, i don’t get sad over broken hopes. idk this is just a thought that popped into my head and decided to see if anyone understands. sending you love<3 remember to tpwk


Hi friend ! I actually totally get that feeling. When i was little id get so excited for birthdays, Christmas or whatever special occasion would be going on. I wouldnt sleep the night before… and its like now that we are older it has turned into a feeling of " meh" I dont really know why this happens ? Perhaps over the years we are used to what these events feel like. Its not that you dont still enjoy them. You just know what its like to experience it if that makes sense. I definitely also over plan things in my head and paint out better versions of everything than they actually end up being. But that doesnt still mean we cant still be grateful for the good :slight_smile: even if we get used to the plans or dont feel that excitement doesnt mean we dont still get to cherish it. Hope you are well!! <3


From: Ash (Discord)

Dear friend I am so sorry you are dealing with this. Personally I have learned that stuff is tough for me I fight that desire and need to make it as best as I can. I want to be excited for something and yet I cant do so for whatever reason. Perhaps its could be age but again you deserve to find joy and excitement into things. Have you considered consulting with a doctor on this stuff because to me personally I found out that the reason I was feeling this way was because of my own mental health and how bad it was in that time. I had become so not excited that all I wanted to do was be alone and sleep. It isnt easy to over come that type of feeling but it is possible. You arent alone in that. I dont know if in the past you had a lot of let down but that can also have an effect on you if you were let down before you learn that rather than getting excited to just prepare for the disappointment that will hit you. I have done that and it is not an easy thing to deal with. I am sorry you are dealing with this. Its okay to deal with it and I do understand it. Thank you for sharing how you are feeling hold fast.


From: Brett (Discord)

So something that’s bittersweet about becoming older is not looking at life like it’s full of possibility and you have so many roads to take. Imagine starting at a destination and there’s a million forks. Those are the options you have in life. The further you travel, there becomes less turns to take. You’ll find yourself on a long stretch of highways and things tend to be more singular and the “real world” and the idea of settling down within actual possibilities to keep yourself self sufficient start to settle in. And that’s in one way a little disheartening because time has passed and the options and excitement seem to dwindle. On the other hand, stability is a golden comfort within itself. I would do some reflection to make sure you’re creating The best life for yourself so you look back with pride about the roads you took to get there, rather than feeling like you missed the right turn to get to your destination- the one that makes you happy. And sometimes getting there means going outside your comfort zone, and that’s something we all experience and gives us anxiety, but just remember it’s only temporary and are building blocks of character to get to the right spot.

Also, it’s nice to practice having limited expectations. Expecting for a full month for your birthday to be an absolute banger and have it end up being less, is common. It applies to anything you put a lot of hype into. You wait for a sequel of your favorite movie to come out for months and it can’t live up to the hype if you have all these preconceived notions of how great it will be. It’s better to stay neutral and just think “it’s cool the movie is being made, I hope it’s good” rather than “omg it’ll be so awesome, what if this happens or this happens?!”. With that thinking, nothing will ever be as good as you imagine.

You’re just at a cross roads and figuring stuff out. Find out what you need to be happy, and remember, it’s never too late to be the person you want to.


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