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Hi Friends

So I have been sitting here tonight thinking about SWAT as I do and it suddenly occured to me that one of the best ways to let people know how amazing it is to be part of a SWAT group is for people that are part of them to tell them what its like,
Of course its entirely up to you if you want to read this and then tell anyone how you feel but I thought I would.
In 4 weeks it will be 1 year since I joined my first SWAT group and I was so lucky to meet the most wonderful Twixremix, I was given the opportunity to meet amazing people with hearts the size of Cathedrals who had the patience to help me, a person who didnt have much experience with people but wanted to help. I admit I was pretty scared at first, mainly of messing up but I was made to feel comfortable and soon we were replying to people who were in need of someone to hear their voices and their worries and some who were reaching out in times of crisis looking for hope and we were helping and the best part was some of these awesome people were coming back so the stories continue.
A Couple of months later I found the courage to start my own Swat and became a leader myself and although again I was really scared I love it… I have been given a gift. The gift to be able to help other people helps me and I feel like I need to tell others that they should do this too, its a wonderful feeling to group together and respond to these posts, to discuss and give the best of the outcome of the discussions. I cannot stress enough the pure joy of doing this and I am eternally grateful to every member of my swat groups as they make it what it is.
So if that doesnt tell you how fantastic swat is I dont know wnat will lol.
That is my swat story.

if anyone else wants to add theirs please do. You are all loved and thank you for even clicking on this post xx :green_heart:


and what a true gift swat is to have brought you into my life as well as so many others. we’ve come together for the same goal week after week while also growing as people at the same rate. thank you for sharing this swat story, lisa, and thank you for making me and our swat pals laugh, smile, and have hope again for (almost) an entire year. you gotta tell me the exact day so we can celebrate!! :tada::dancer:t3::blue_heart:


SWAT is a place where people can help other people by sharing their past experiences with others to help them.


Reaching out to help people and support them through their time of need is amazing and so generous, and what’s even more amazing and generous is being able to talk about the hard things with people who also know what it’s like to struggle and who want to reach out to support others.
There’s something really beautiful about coming together to be able to share ideas about this because for me, it’s been a great way to hear other perspectives and know effective ways to being that support. One person might be there to say “hey we love you” and someone else may be there to give deeper advice and it all gels.

I know I was terrified of talking or even responding the first time I came into a SWAT, but hearing the genuine care and being a part of such a beautiful group instantly made me feel comfortable.

You also get to experience community with the people who’s names you may see on a screen, but don’t really know much about. Maybe I drive them all nuts, but they’re all so wonderful that they accept me being there and unite to shower people with love.


I love doing SWAT because it gives me a purpose and I love supporting others. Opening up your own thread on the wall and seeing all the SWAT replies makes a person feel seen. It shows the poster that they matter and that they are loved and thought about.

I also love doing it because of the awesome people involved. :hrtlegolove: :rose:


Twixxxx It was Aug 2nd I first showed up tablet in hand and couldnt get in to your the room lol, omg wasnt that a pain in the bum, but we got there in a couple of weeks, laptop purchased and I was ready to hit swat running and never looked back. I have looked forward to swat 3 every week since, You have taught me so much, I consider you my mentor and such an inspiration and of course a dear friend, I have also met some of the nicest people in swat 3. I am so grateful and finally when I think of all the people whose posts we have responded to in that time, ti give me a such a sense of happiness and pride to know that we have been able to do that and will continue to do that. so Thank you Twix xxxx


@Slayer5639 you are absloutely spot on and I love how beautifully you have explained that in one short simple and easy to understand sentence. Fantastic. This is what we need other people to know about swat. Thank you and thank you for taking part. :green_heart:


Bimini, You are so right, their is something beautiful about coming together to repond to posts as apposed to doing it on your own, you get to learn so much from others that you would never think of yourself which makes you respond to someone in a completely different way than you would have before hand. I have gained knowledge and understanding of people, situations and problems from the posts and from being in swat and yes a little piece of everyone responding to a post makes a beautiful puzzle of love to a person who needs to hear that we care and that is what makes a difference.
I remember how frightened you were when you started but goodness look at you now, you are such a massive part of all the swat groups and we would be lost without your contribution and kindness, Thank you and I hope that these words (our words) help others to choose to come in a join in too. xx


Rosie Rosie Rosie

My dear friend, you have been my support in my groups almost since I started and what support you are. I love the way you feel about it, I love your passion for it and how you want it to succeed as much as I do, Your words will also im sure inspire others to come forward and get involved and to have more people like you in swat is what this is all about. People that care, people that want to help and people that have big hearts just like you.Thanks Rosie for being all of the above. xxx


I had just joined heartsupport after a recent suicide event. I saw people with this role called SWAT. I read what it was about, and I joined. I took about a month long mental break, but the times that were spent in SWAT before the -18 people were kicked out, were the best I had. It was fun there. I definitely raised a bit of havoc, and went off topic a lot, but it was an amazing experience. I can’t wait to start youth groups.

Much love,


Thank you Shadow, I am so pleased that you enjoyed being in SWAT before the age limit rules came into effect. I am also glad that you now have the youth groups to look forward to, I hope you get to still enjoy yourself whilst responding to your fellow youths who need some love and kindness. You are a very special young person. :green_heart:

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