Being part of the trans community is hard

Being part of the trans community is starting to become really hard, Im starting to get treated like an outsider for being trans i have people yelling at me for being it, im really losing grip on it because it’s making my mental health worse an making me feel like crap, i have people saying you need to have children because your female, your a mistake, etc im really done i can’t go out without being looked at werid harassed. i’m so tired of it. no one knows about this because i’m terrified of telling them


From: Rohini_868

Hi there,
good to see you posting here, this must be a really hard time for you. For anyone who’s ever been told that they should have kids, it’s so annoying and unfair to be told that we need to do anything to satify others.

I know that you’e been through a rough time lately, and I do hope that this is something you can talk to a therapist about, to help you navigate these emotions. Are you still in contact with a therapist?

And you are wonderful just as you are, just as who you are. Your truth is your truth, and no-one should ever judge you or make you feel badly about that. We’re here for you, this is a safe space, and I hope that you will find comfort and safety here to be your rue self with us. You’re loved and you matter.


From: eloquentpetrichor

Hey, horselover! I’m so sorry that you are receiving all of this hate and anger. You do not deserve it.

No matter what your gender identity or genetic sex is children is by no means a necessity nor should it or the idea that you have to procreate be forced on anyone. I suggest you look up amatonormativity and how it affects society and those within it.

Do not let anyone try to pressure you into having children. I have had people say it be as well as a cis woman. I have never had any desire for children and no matter how many people say “oh you’re great with kids” (I’m not) I know that I would not be a capable parent even if I had the desire to reproduce. I say all of that to illustrate that the people throwing hate at you for not wanting to have children do not know you personally and do not know about your own wishes and desires. They do not care about you so you should not care about their opinions. I know that can be easier said than done but you may try coming back at them with “what about me besides my uterus makes you think I should have a child?”. See if they have anything of value to respond to about that. If anything they will either show their true ignorance or say some nice things about your personality and traits that might make you a little happier for a moment.

I’m so sorry and I hope that you can find some other members of the trans community that may be able to make you feel a little better about this. There are probably others who can relate. Good luck and I hope to hear from you again soon :hrtlegolove:


My mom has been trying to get a hold of my therapist but she’s not answering to us


FTM here, and while i know im in such a priviliged possition, and im so fucking lucky to have supporting parents, ill be crude as fuck: its still very hard, and im constantly close to giving up.
But, as corny as it may sound, i found out the hard way that there is power in community. Here, there isnt much, and im incredibly awkward, but the few people of the community that i know, the get me. Even cis-straight-allo people, as long as the try to understand, are respectfull, is such a huge deal.
People wont change their minds from one day to another, its seems you know that, so, build a barrier around you, create your space with the people you love and respect, and they do so too; as long as you dont become ignorant to the world, its a pretty good thing to do.
Everyone deserves to be safe.

.- kudos

(sorry, english is not my first language)



You’re perfect just as you are. Anyone telling you otherwise is ignorant and motivated by fears that they may not even understand themselves. They try to put on you a pressure and shame that doesn’t belong to you and never will. You being you is the most beautiful gift that this world could ever know. Some people are unable to see it or simply don’t want to. It’s on them, not you.

Your safety and peace of mind are so important. Keep taking care of yourself, as much as possible, and trying to separate what belongs to you from what doesn’t. Hatred, rejection, disrespect, don’t need to hold any space in your life. It’s not worth it, and certainly not worth you.

You are loved as you are. Even if some people desperately try to fight this truth, they will never win. :hrtlegolove:

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Hi Friend,
thank you for being part of this community and sharing your worries.
you are perfect and wonderful by who you are. be proud of that.
you decisions should be accepted by everyone around you, its your journey and how you live it, the
decisions you take are yours !
it is awful to see what people to, that the acceptance is still not there. in so many ways of life.
the world is a better place with people like you in it, this community is thankful that you are here and
sharing your life with us. i am proud of you my friend. you are so strong.
you are loved the way you are, you matter and you deserve everything good in this world.
i would also hug you now, thank you my friend,
Lovely Greetings

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hey friend, how are you ? hope you keep us updated.
you matter to us. you are loved.

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i’m ok mentally just getting physically sick all over again