Believe in yourself

hey im 23 goin 24 next month. to all i have been thinking for years after my life obstacle i still dont know what to say about what happened to me but i will say no matter what happens to you or what is happening it will all get better, for all who say theyre not worth living or anything just hurts me, iv been through so much from being born not being able to talk until the age of 5 or so, and to be born to a mother that couldn’t take care of me but i was very lucky to be taken into a family that cared so much about me, for years i have been bullied for everything and anything from people slagging me because i smell, im ugly, they would call me a bin and throw everything at me and they wouldnt go near me
then when i tryed to socialise i would try go to someone and they would say your not wanted or get lost or other things and when i tried to get help nobody would and my parents even got the child protection service to help me but they couldnt do anything, after that things just got worse i got brought to a random field and got lit on fire by alot of people, my supposedly “friend” scraped a sharp rusted nail across my whole face then getting slagged in public with anyone who seen me i lost trust in people, my parents faught for me so much, ive been beaten up by so much people that it scarred me for life, iv gotten groomed by an old man and then wen i was 20 i did a course to get back to focusing on my education then after 1 and half year i went and done a course wat i always wanted to do someone who was having a hard time i help him out and he helps me out we have eachothers backs tru the hardest of times. Ive tried to commit suicide so many times but i have a family and a really good friend so it stops me. I useto have alot of talents but my life got turned upside down, my ex comit suicide. Im still afraid to open up to my family.ive been to so many councilers even to pieta and still wont talk. For who ever sees this or reads this just tell yourself that you are who you are and nobody can change the way you are and that you are better then that and there is so many people out there somewhere who love you. WE ARE ALL FAMILY


Thank you for sharing your story. You are so strong. Thank you for sharing such an inspirational message too! I hope you are doing well today



I believe in you. You will overcome.

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Hey cozzie,

You are such a strong individual, and it shows through when you come to a place and pour your heart out to a community of people to show them encouragement, and to show them that even through the horrible things you have dealt with and experienced, that you came out on top and continue to better yourself every day. I am so proud of you for that. Never give up. I believe in you and so does this community. So happy that you were able to find a friend in your life that you can lean on in times of strife. Again, I am so proud of you for sharing all of this.

Hold fast friend,
Matt, from TwoGuys1Couch