BeneathTheSkin Fan #3

My family doesn’t care about me, my Dad is never around and my Mom is mean to me. At school I have no friends and just feel like I only have myself to rely on.

Dude, that’s brutal…to feel like the people who are SUPPOSED to support you don’t, so when you’re off in this massive life stage change, you’re all alone…that is such a weighty feeling…and then put on top of that all of the pressures of college, of your “future”, of getting everything right, of figuring out who you are – there’s SO MUCH CHANGE, and to feel like you don’t have a foundation or something to hold onto…that’s a lot to carry by yourself…I’m so sorry that you’re in that spot, friend. I hope that this message can be a small blip of hope that someone out there does care – I do…and that if I do, maybe others can too, and maybe that means that you could find that family, that place to belong, that place where you’re certain you belong and others care…I believe it for you, and I have hope that you’ll find it <3