Big commitment and less Theraphy even though depression has worsened

Hey friends, first of all, I want to say that I feel kinda bad posting this here, there are so many people with really big problems here who need the support way more than me.
So since I’ve been telling my situation in recent posts, I won’t go too deep here. So I thought that since 2020 is going to start soon, and I’m sick of my SAD, and my depression, as well as being an Hsp as a boy, that I’m going to make big changes and really get out of my comfort zone to finally start living like a 16 Yo teenager. But there’s one big commitment I made, which I’m really grateful for, that I have the opportunity to do so, and that is my private pilot license. Before my depression got to the point where it is right now( not getting sh1t done, always feeling numb, feeling like Im the worst, and being really exhausted to the point where I don’t want to do anything to overcome my SAD, and just be alone [still seeking friends], I was really passioned about aviation, I really wanted to become a pilot and so on, so I started my private pilots license… my dad told me that I had to make some sacrifices and that I had to work for it (which is totaly understanable), but now I got to the point where almost nothing is fun or desireable anymore, and I basically lost my passion for it, which is really scary…I mean I don’t even feel like I could get a job and work there. I don’t know how to really go on, I just feel so empty and I feel like I’ve made a big mistake starting this Hobby so early, while having depression aswell… I feel like I can’t handle school my friends, my family and this Hobby, or getting a Job, it’s just so exhausting… But still my therapist told me, that she gave me enough strategies to cope with my depression, so I’m only seeing here every third week. I mean I’ve started exercising every day, because I hope that it would make me feel better… SORRY for not having any structure writing this but I just don’t know how to start and really get going.
For all the people who have read this far, have a nice Week!

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Hey man

It act normal to lose passion for something sometimes. I been doing my passion like skateboarding and music, but there some day that I ask myself why I am doing it. Passion it feeling and it comes and go. Also, that passion it act like a relationship, it not always perfect. Just give it time and it will come back to you.


Hey @Vic. Your problems are worth reading about so never feel bad for making a post here. They are just as important as everyone else’s problems. I haven’t had a chance to read any of your recent posts, so I’m replying by what you have posted here and from what I remember of your first post.

I agree with Seimiccoyne. Passions come and go, some days you don’t feel like doing what you love, other days nothing can stop you from doing it. Maybe try taking a little time away from it if that’s possible. Maybe a couple of weeks, or a month. No matter how much you love something, too much of it can make you tired of it. A small vacation can be refreshing.

Maybe you could ask your therapist to go over the strategies to help with your depression again. Tell her you need more help with them if you haven’t done that already. It sounds like you need more support from her, not less.

I hope you start to feel better soon, and that you are able to once again do the things that you love.


Hey, Thanks for your Reply.
So, I’ll try to use your advise and maybe take a little brake.
And I think im going to tell my theraphist that I feel kinda stuck and If I could go there every second week.
Have a nice Week!

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Heya @Vic Thanks so much for posting!

Life definitely can be stressful!!! And there will be days that we feel that we don’t matter, but trust me you and everyone else absolutely matters!

I don’t know where you’ve been but trust me, I have a feeling that Breakthrough will come to you in the near future!

Once again, Thank You for posting!

If you need anything feel free to reach out!

-Darian H/DarianDaOtter