Big News (sexual Assault)

OKay friends, so there was a post a bit ago by a username of shere_khan, well that was me. The post was about how I had recently been sexually assaulted by a coworker and blah blah blah… anyway I’m on my original account, 1. to be honest about this situation, and 2. to give an update.

So as of now my whole family is aware of the situation, it’s been a week ago today, and when my mom gets off work we’re finally going to the police station to file a report (I’ve been quite hesitant until now)
So I’ll be able to at least speak up and say I did something about this instead of keeping quiet. This is a big F You to the man who did this to me and a tribute to anyone who never had the courage or opportunity to stand up and say “I’m not going to let this person rule my life anymore”
It’s unfortunate that I can join the Me Too movement, but damn am I going to be loud about this. This is at least one small thing I can do for anyone whose not been able to speak up about their assault.
Anyway, I’m hoping this goes well and works out, but even if not, he’ll be on record at least.

Love this community for always having my my back.


I’m SO, SO proud of you. I’m glad you’re speaking up about this! Keep your head up gorgeous. Always here for you <3

Hold Fast


Friend, I am so freaking proud of you. As a victim of sexual assault I know how hard it can be to come forward. I can only imagine how scary it must be to deal with something in the line of work. But it’s so important that we stand up for ourselves and stop this kind of behavior! They need to stop thinking it’s okay!

I hope that everything goes well for you my sweet friend. And know that you have a friend here if you ever just want to talk about it. Seriously. Ive been through it. More than once. By 2 family members and by a neighbor when I was just 16. I know that it can feel isolating and lonely to carry such a weight alone. So if you ever need a safe space to relate and connect to, I am open to you. Here, facebook, discord, hell, Id even exchange numbers if you wanted to text.

I love you very much and Im sending you a lot of love right now.

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So I went back to the station so the detective could see some texts that were exchanged between us, but tomorrow they’re going to interview him, which mean’s he’s going to know I reported him. I’m scared of some sort of retaliation on his part, especially since I work with him. I don’t know what to do at this point. This is when shit is going to hit the fan. I hope he just ignores me, but I have a feeling that won’t be the case. Need some love at the moment guys.

Love yall



If you need to, you can speak to your boss afterwards and or even try for a restraining order. It very well may cost him his job.

I love you and I hope it all works out. It’s scary but we are here. Please DM me if you need to!

I hope the assault wasn’t too serious. It may be the guy is just a heartless jerk, or he may have serious mental health problems he needs treatment for. Either way, I hope you get satisfaction, if not also justice.