Bingeing and cant stop crying

I want to stop bingeing so badly. I was doing really well over the holiday break. I was also doing really well when I got back to my university campus. I was hiking and trying to get my shit together but I crashed yet again and lost all motivation. I’ve been crying every day. I literally don’t know how to stop bingeing because it’s so convenient to just order a ton of food over an app and have it delivered to me. I just moved into my own apartment too and I really have been wanting to get an emotional support animal (I could definitely qualify for one because I have been diagnosed with depression, BPD, and ADHD) but every single person keeps telling my no because I’m too depressed to take care of an animal but having an animal to cuddle with and play with would really help me. I’m just suffering right now and I don’t know how to stop.


Hey doublespeak, I’m sorry you’re going through these feelings right now. Would it be possible to order groceries instead of prepared food? This could help you prioritize preparing healthier foods so your groceries don’t go to waste. Maybe you’d be more likely to binge less if you had to prepare it all yourself?

I also think when it comes to animals, if you love them, you make the effort. It’s almost irrelevant what your situation is, if you care for them you’ll make the changes that need to happen for that animal to be healthy. This can actually improve your own life as well, not just because you have an animal there with you, but also because it gives you responsibility and some rigidity to your scheduling (like if you have to walk a dog every day) and can help you develop good habits.


Hey there,
It sounds like things have been really hard recently and I’m sorry you’re struggling with this. It truly is so easy to order in because you don’t have to cook or clean which is also taxing when struggling with depression. I also wonder if having prepared meals delivered to you would be helpful like DementedDoll suggested? It would be easier to cook and pre-planned so you wouldn’t have to worry about coming up with meal ideas or learning how to cook it necessarily. Although I don’t know the details regarding when you binge like what tends to trigger it, maybe taking a moment to do some breathing exercises or stepping away to do something you enjoy to take your mind off of it until that urge passes could be helpful?

Depression is a very hard thing to fight especially when living alone. However many people find that having an animal truly helps them create good routines and habits. If you know you have something that not only depends on you daily but also loves you unconditionally, it can help boost your mood and give you a reason on those days where it just seems too hard to even get out of bed. So that could still be an option and could end up being very helpful and healthy!

Hannah Rhodes


Thank you so much for your reply! I have actually been trying to get into the habit of ordering groceries! My therapist suggested distractions are a good idea too. I think the instant gratification (or dopamine??) that bingeing provides is my personal problem. But I will definitely give your advice a try!!!


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