Bit worried about a friend

Hi, I’m a bit worried that my friend Abby has deactivated her Facebook account. Does anyone know if she is okay or why she’s no longer on Facebook, please? Regards, Adrian


Hi @Chardonnay,

I’m not sure how we can help you?? Is this person a community member? Do you have any concerns for their safety?

The only thing we can encourage you to do is to try to reach out to them through other socials, otherwise there’s not much to do. If they want to deactivate their account, they are totally free to do it.

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Yeah, you need to be more specific, but I know an Abby in the HS community who deactivated their Facebook and they are doing alright. But I don’t know if we are talking about the same person. I will reach out to them. Much love. Thank you for the concern

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@Chardonnay !!

I talked to Abby and she says that she is totally fine!! She took a break from Facebook for her mental health and will be back in time for Year 2 of the Masterclass!

You are a great friend. Thank you for reaching out!


Yes. I was concerned about Abby. We had some good chats on FB together.

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