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Blank blank blankity blank

I have no idea why people are so mean to me and treat me like I am beneath them. I don’t hurt anyone.

It’s obvious that no one cares if I died tomorrorw. It’s like each day I regret not attempting suicide.


That’s really hard to feel. How have people been treating you like they’re beneath them?

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Yes, I am always facing some type of abuse from people whether it be from a stranger or family member.

I get called rude and a shit person when I am blunt and say exactly what I think. I am not good at expressing myself I was abused most of my life and was taught to shut up and put up but people will think I am using my truama as an excuse when it’s true.

I just wish they said something like " I didn’t appreciate how you talked to me because it was rude" instead of calling me names.

Confrontation with others can be really, really hard. It’s even harder when it brings up trauma from the past, often unbeknownst to the other person but nonetheless painful. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been abused and called names.
But know this: you are wonderful. You are part of a community where people strive each day to be better than the day before. Keep growing, keep healing.

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I have no problem with people telling me what I did wrong it’s how they deliver the message.

hi @BlackCatAnnie

i know exactly how you feel,

i’m a pretty

i guess that’s the best way to summarise it?

im not going to say my age because well privacy, but i just wanted to say i know exactly how you feel and constantly find myself in the same predicament.

before we get to the “i try my hardest to give you advice an hopefully make you smile a bit” section, i just wanted to apologize on behalf of the people who have hurt you in your life, humanity must be respectful and fair if our society wants to function to its full extent - or at least try to be.

it’s not your fault you’re blunt, i honestly prefer harsh truths because it eases my stress - imagine ripping off a really old plaster - and i think its good that you are blunt. it’s also understandable.

when people grow up in an atmosphere where they are expected to be silent and obedient - it only makes them find themselves lashing out more or feel claustrophobic in their own mind.

if you are comfortable with the telling the people in your life about your previous - or current - abusve situations , i recommend you do.

even if its one person.

it will make you feel better.
less alone and more alive.

even if someone does try and gaslight and manipulate you into feeling guilty for the trauma you did not ask for, it is not your responsibility for their beliefs, and it’s not your fault for their own mind thinking thoughts (after all we often find ourselves being lied to by our own brain) and saying things you did not want to hear.

please ask people to be more clear on what you did wrong, for your mutual benefit, nobody wants to be anxious or mad all the time.

i understand what you mean with the suicide thing. but imagine how funny it would be if you lived. stuck it up all the bullies bums’ and say “ha! you lost”, heck, you can burst into song if you want : start dancing around singing ‘im still standing’, right?!

or imagine if you didn’t live for that.

imagine if you smiled and one day felt good enough to go and confront them, stand your ground nd flat out tell them that you don’t like how condescending and patronizing their language is and that they attempt to act superior.

or maybe perhaps consider this :

you live for yourself.

it is
mandatory for
you to
live for,
to survive for,
to breathe for.

imagine one day you get to wake up and just relax. and do what you want. and appreciate the world.

the breeze twinkling on your ears, wind dancing on your arms.
the sun shining on your skin, making it appear fluorescent and gorgeous.
the water whispering sounds in the atmosphere.
the earth with its everchanging structure and inhabitants.
the earth.
the world.
your life.

your life is perfectly imperfect.

wouldn’t it be a shame if it was gone?

thank you, take a few deep breaths and smile,

have a great day



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