Bleh feelings/word vomit

I don’t really know exactly how I feel at the moment. Lately, the days have been good but dark and negative thoughts pass through my mind throughout the day. At night, the thoughts finally get to me and I listen to my mind tell me negative thoughts. I don’t know why I let this happen, but I just lay on my bed and let everything out. That’s probably not healthy to listen to these negative thoughts, but is it better to listen to them and get them out of my head or to let them stay in my head and bother me? That probably doesn’t make sense but I don’t know how else to explain it.
I don’t know why I’m sad at the moment. I guess maybe something’s missing from my life? I wish I had some kind of direction to help me figure out what I need in my life.

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Hey Nicole,

I can relate to that feeling. It’s so frustrating when you feel sad but you don’t know why. It makes it hard to cope because you don’t always know where to start. I would say that letting the negative thoughts and feelings out is better than keeping them in. That being said, I don’t think by letting them out that that means you need to listen to them. I would encourage you to recognize the thoughts and feelings you are experiencing but not letting them take root if that makes sense. Whenever I get in a dark place I journal because it allows me to get all of my thoughts and feelings down on paper rather than them all staying in my mind. Maybe that could be something you could try?

Hold Fast,
Hannah Rhodes


Hi Kaley,

I’m sorry you are having a hard time right now. I definitely go through this a lot. I have times where I battle with depression, anxiety and negative thoughts and I try to distract from it during the day with healthy things. But then night comes when it’s quiet and dark so my head starts to spin. It’s easy to get lost in our minds when there’s nothing going on and it’s just you and your thoughts.

Do you have anything you can take to help you sleep? Even if it’s simple natural over the counter like melatonin? I don’t know if you have a loved one or a doctor that you can talk to about that to see if maybe this would be something that could work for you and help you fall asleep. I often have to take something to help me sleep so that I don’t stay fighting my thoughts.

I also sometimes put in earplugs and listen to soft music. I have a few playlists that I could send you if you are interested. That maybe could be of help. It helps me block out the mind noise.

My boyfriend and I have also browsed YouTube for meditation audio to listen to while we try to fall asleep and that has helped us a LOT. There have been many times we fell asleep before the mediation Audio was even over.

There’s an app called HeadSpace. Maybe you could try checking this out and see if it is of any help as well.

There also little clocks and radios that you can buy that have white noise options to listen to while you sleep. Like the ocean, rain, forest sounds. Maybe something like this could also help quiet your mind.

Anyway, I care for you friend and I hope things get feeling better. I’m sending you a lot of love. Hold fast. You are not alone :heart:

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Hey friend,

Thanks for reaching out to us, first of all. It’s not always as easy as it might seem.

It’s totally okay to not know what’s going on or to know how to feel. It’s always good to have a safe place to vent or to let out negative thoughts. If you need that, I’d suggest journaling. It can really help. I’ve done two things in the past regarding that. One is to write down a bunch of negative stuff that I’m feeling. It’s therapeutic but I still feel a little empty afterwards. The second is to write down a few things that I am thankful for at the end of each day. That one really helps a lot, and I continuously find that by doing it, I discover things that I really am grateful for that I didn’t think about before consciously forcing myself to. It can really put things into perspective. I have also heard of someone taking it a step further and imagining what life would be like if one of those things you were thankful for (a friend, for example) disappeared. You can put yourself in that position emotionally, and then you will really feel truly thankful when you meditate on the fact that they really are still there. It’s just a different way of looking at thankfulness—something that you didn’t even ask about, so I’m sorry for rambling. It just seems like it might help with this. It brought me some clarity of mind when I did it as well.

Bottom line is you’re not alone. You have us here if you ever need to reach out (please do so whenever you feel the need), and you are not the only one who feels sad without knowing why. I get it. If you want some music that I vibe to when I’m feeling that way, check out Valleyheart. But seriously, it’s okay to not be okay, because it’s going to get better. Just hold on to the things you love, and the things that bring you joy. The things and the people you’re most thankful for. The right people can help you find direction, and if you follow things that you love I believe that will lead you in the right direction as well. Try not to get overwhelmed or anxious about finding your path, and just take it day by day and put time into things that you care about. Even if it’s not as much time as you’d like at first. Cause you’ll get there. Hold fast.

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