BlueRidge Fan #2

Since the pandemic started I have lost 4 people and life is hard, the being able to come back to this festival has made so many things better, thank you BRRF


Hi BlueRidge_Fans
Thanks for posting. I know the last year has been hard. I have lost my gradfather to covid. You are not alone in this. I hope this festival can make things better for you at least for today.


Hey friend,

I’m so very sorry for your losses. There’s really not enough words to describe the pain of losing someone, and I can only imagine how heavy it’s been for you to process the loss of people you love in such a short amount of time. It’s like you were not even allowed to just catch your breath as life just kept adding more pain…

Know that your voice is heard and your pain is felt deeply. It doesn’t seem fair to see life and time going on when it feels like our own world has stopped because the people we love are not in it anymore. But I hope that you truly embrace and enjoy your time at the BRR Fest right now. You deserve that. Really. The joy of embracing music you love, of being in a crowd full of life, of expressing your own energy with others. After such a rough year, this is freaking welcomed and deserved.

I’m glad you are there, and I’m grateful that you allow yourself to welcome this beautiful experience today, even if your heart is also with the ones you miss. To keep moving on, to keep living is the most beautiful gift you can give to yourself and to the ones you love. Despite the distance that time and space can create between you and them, they are still part of you, still where you are, and nothing can ever change that. :hrtlegolove:


Hard to face loss after loss after loss…to feel like the waves keep coming. It almost makes you harden to the pain. It is hard to grieve that often…it’s like your body just doesn’t know how to connect to that much suffering. And then to have your own personal life be such a struggle, it feels like no relief. Glad you are in this place where you can get away from it all. When you leave, if you ever need a place to vent — you are welcome here always. Hope you enjoy the show!!


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