Body Image Issue Trigger

Hello everyone,
I am a recovered anorexic/bulimic. Over the years it’s been really difficult to find a happy place with my body. The gym was especially a place for me to take out a lot of stress. It was also how I maintained a balanced, healthy weight. I’ve been a pretty balanced weight for about a year and a half now. I’ve had no bulimia episodes and no periods of starvation.
Recently with the quarantine and stress my weight has been dropping and it’s sending me into panic and trigger. The anorexic version of me would have loved this. Losing weight without trying is an anorexic’s dream.
I never had this issue of just dropping in weight. I always had a low metabolism and gained quite easily. I used to hate being a curvy woman, but later loved this part of me as I felt more feminine.
Now I’m becoming thin and I feel incredibly unattractive and my mind is going back to dark times to when I didn’t eat. I’m paralyzed with irritation and vanity. If there is anyone who has an understating of this, I would love some input.