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Boyfriend yelled at me


Lately it feels like all we do is argue. I’m at the point where I feel like I shouldn’t talk due to the anxiety of me saying something wrong. My emotions are already everywhere with my great grandma recently diagnosed with colon cancer, I’m jobless, having anxiety and depression, and not having anyone to vent to. So much is pent up… I’m not sure how to cope anymore :pensive: I feel like I can’t handle this


I’m sorry you are having a hard time with your boyfriend right now. Is there a way you guys can sit down and have a heart to heart talk about what you guys are struggling with? Communication is so important.

Sometimes when I’m feeling especially grumpy, I just take some time to myself so I can recollect myself and calm down. I don’t like fighting, so I try to let my boyfriend know when I just need to calm down and be by myself. And then once I’m able to find my head space again I talk to him about why I’m upset. I find talking when I’m upset doesn’t always help. Sometimes it’s better for me to wait.

Just depends.

But, we are here for you. To listen without judgement. Just know that you are loved and valued. How you feel is important and matters.

I hope it gets better, sweetheart. Hold fast


Hey there @CatMom4 (Cats are great and I approve of your username)

Communication is absolutely vital for a healthy relationship (I know this from my own failures XD). If you don’t speak to your partner honestly about your issues and how you feel, it is highly unlikely that things will get better. Don’t keep things pent up, its much healthier to deal with them in the present than let them compound and haunt you in the future.

Maybe your boyfriend is also taking strain? I can’t say I know him but a worthwhile exercise would be for both of you to speak about whats on your mind. That way you can both help support each other and prevent any misconceptions you have from causing unnecessary hurt and issues.

Stay strong. A significant other is a blessing in life that can help support us but never forget that we should strive to support ourselves with our own strength as well.


Some days I feel like it’s hard to talk to him because of past experiences of him getting upset with me when just trying to talk… He sees a counselor for his bipolar and he’s asked me to come with him a few times… Maybe I should go? It could help us, or, even me… This is one of the reasons I joined the site; the support/help from others. Thank you so much for taking the time to help me


That’s rough. Maybe that would be a good idea. Going to the counseling together. They could help you guys better know how to communicate and grow together. :slight_smile: