BPD Poem I written about my experiences with it

That is what it’s all about
with BPD
Feelings of abandonment
Not knowing for sure who you really are
Wondering if you have what it takes
Feeling a tornado in your brain
going a thousand miles per an hour
To cut or not to cut is the question
To knowing what to believe
Nothing is grey
it’s all black or white
Hating and loving all in one
Feeling a fuel of Anger
Burning with passion in your soul.


Hey @heidi4brockton, thank you so much for sharing. Poetry can be such a powerful outlet. From a reader’s perspective, it’s really precious that you invite us to open the door to such a personal experience that is BPD.

I hope writing is something that helps you clear your mind and find some peace when you need it. Take care, friend. You’re loved. :hrtlegolove:

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