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I feel like I’m worthless as hell and I’m just better off dead.

Why can’t I ever be good enough for anyone. I try so hard to do things but I’m never good enough to fulfill those tasks, this make me feel as I’m a failure and, will never get anywhere with life.

It’s such a brutal place to feel like you can look at yourself in the mirror and see absolutely nothing redeeming in your own reflection…to feel like so many people have beaten you down with their words or actions that there’s literally nothing left you can see but broken glass and shards of your soul so beyond repair that there’s no world you could imagine ever being repaired or worthy again. It’s a brutally alone place because you can see hope for others, like even if they’re broken, there’s something beautiful or redeeming about them, but you feel so crushed that there’s absolutely nothing you can see in yourself. And that’s a terrifyingly lonely place to feel like you’re the only one who the rule of worthiness doesn’t apply to.

I know that bitter loneliness all too well friend…you’re certainly not alone in what you’re feeling. I’m so sorry you’re stuck in this pit with the broken bits of your life lying all around you. I felt beyond repair too. It’s a low I felt I’d never emerge from.

It takes a lot of courage in that spot to say “HELP”…because it means you admit hope, you admit – maybe my life CAN get better…and you hope, pray, that someone hear you…

I hear you friend. Thank you for shouting. You are worthy of love and restoration. I believe it is possible and coming. I pray that is find you soon.

In the meantime, hold fast. We can press forward together.


Hey there,

Thanks for sharing. I’ve felt similar ways before because I feel a constant pressure to live up to expectations that others have of me in my life and it hurts very much when I fail again and again.

I’m sorry to hear that you’re going through this. I can only pray that HeartSupport will be able to assist you. Thanks again for posting here—sharing isn’t always easy and I’m glad that you have found us. I pray that we’ll be able to make it through this together and continue to look forward to a future with love and restoration.


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