Break up, bipolar disorder and jelousy

I do not even know where to start…

This is the worse break up I have ever had and it is literarry tortuing me. My bipolar disorder is worsened (It actually was one of the reasons why this break up happened). I have to live togeather with my ex girlfriend in the same apartment (I am gay) and I just can not force myself to stop feeling anything against her.

Sometimes I feel like I would be in myown personal hell and my jelously has skyrocketed and I just do not know what to do. Even the thought that She is looking for someone else makes me crazy.Even if I have no rights to.

And we broke up because we both could not tolerate each others fast tempers. But somewhere deep down I still love her and just can not let her go.I just can not stop loving her. Even if I admitt that I acted like a brat and not long after break up started to date other people and act irresponsible just not to think about her (Otherwise I was crying 24/7).

I am deffinetly going to see a specialist, because it is really bad. I just want to read other people suggestions and experiences how to stop feeling anything against ex partner and how not to be jelous to her. And stop doing reckless things witch result only result bad for me.

Thank you!

Oof, that’s a rough situation to be in. Especially if you share space. It can be hard to get over those emotions when you are literally still surrounded by the things that are causing you hurt and to feel that way. Is there no other place for you to live? It may be healthy for you guys to live apart so that you can heal and move on more comfortably without bothering each other.

It’s good that you are willing to be open an honest about how you are feeling. That’s the first step. And it’s good you are going to see someone so you can talk about it. That’s the next step. Now to just work through the jealousy and unfair feelings. Just keep reminding yourself that they are toxic feelings and try not to let yourself focus on them so much. Jealousy is a rough emotion to deal with. It can be very dominant if you let it. So it’s good to try to get control of it. For the sake of yourself and others.

One day at a time my friend. Do what you need to keep your mind busy on healthier things. Try not to act out on your jealous feelings. It’s one thing to feel it, but another to act on them. It’s hard, but it’s possible to get through.

You aren’t alone! Hold fast my friend. It’ll get better. Be gentle with yourself.