Breaking point/Triggered

Trigger warning!.. Last night was my breaking point of falling apart. I got very emotional last night just by watching a japanese series a nurse who worked in the psychiatric Ward who found ways to understand mental health and guide her patients and being humble and kind. She had 1 patient she got attached to, he had commited suicide due to his dilusion of the dragon world. Anyways she disnt realize she was falling into depression so bad she didn’t wanted to live anymore.

It just gave me flashback of the hurt when I lost my other half and my grandma which is been 7 years now, how much pain it had cause me to grief and not able to let it go and not accept that My other half has been gone and also who had commited suicide because of his mental health. This has cause me to break down and isolate myself not wanting to get up this morning , I just want to stay home… sorry for the long paragraph TRIGGER WARNING.


My heart goes out to you. Such losses change a person forever. I hope you have had some therapy or have been part of a grief support group. I have lost loved ones under similar circumstances.

I’m glad that you’re here sharing this. At times, the best thing to do is to let the tears flow.

I worked in a psych ward for a while. While staff usually spent their time inside a glass cubicle, I spent as much time as possible in the day room with patients. The shifts I worked were the most nonviolent. That was many years ago. I still remember many of the patients with love.

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I was able to write to my therapist, due to my mental state not able to talk about it, all i did was cry and menories just started flowing like crazy, all i can see is his face and the last time I kiss him. :broken_heart:.

That is so cool working with patients in the psych ward and able to spent some time with them. I believe when you connect with your patients they feel normal at least and not being treated indifferently. I pray one day ill have my practice to do the same.

Thank you @Wings :purple_heart:

Have a wonderfull holiday

Happy Thanksgiving

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