Breaking the barriers - success at last

Hi guys, I know only too, too well, how depression, mania, anxiety and social phobia can mess you up and ruin your life and relationships, but I just wanted you to know that YOU CAN DO IT. If I have, then anyone can! I will post how I did it later on… KEEP GOING. KEEP GOOD COMPANY. KEEP LOOKING AFTER YOURSELF. GRAB YOURSELF SOME CHOCOLATE AND PLEASE WATCH “FLEABAG” AND “KILLING EVE” TO CHEER YOURSELF UP!!! GOD Bless, Take Care and LEARN TO LOVE YOURSELF FOR WHO YOU ARE… Why? Because you can’t truly love others that deeply, until you have learnt that you are important too, sometimes even more of a priority than them if you are very fragile at the moment… and because WE LOVE YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE and don’t give a flying sh*t about your mistakes, personality flaws or physical imperfections!!! WELL ALL HAVE THEM, FRIEND! xxx


Hey @Champagne, you’re awesome. :kissing_heart:

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So are you (disclaimer: probably)

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