Breaks ups and being alone

So me and my ex boyfriend broke up a month ago. I know I wrote a little bit about him on my sister passing post. But he words were we don’t see each and we weren’t going anywhere. I had three break downs since then. And I hate being alone. He text me see how I was doing but I ask why he cared. I don’t understand why he would text me out of the blue when he dating someone who is his best friend. I am fine but I’m not okay most days. It’s hard to move on and be with someone. I spent my time with him I don’t know what to do anymore. There’s days where I want to give up on myself and life. If anyone can write something in the comments ill love it. Thank you friend.



Gosh, heartbreak is brutal. How someone we loved can so quickly turn on a dime to become someone that causes us the most pain. Someone whose love and care in the past can so quickly evaporate by the duplicity of their choices. It sucks to feel the biting sharpness of loneliness over and over and over. Sometimes it makes you wonder – why did I even spend so much of my life with this person? What a waste!! It’s hard to bounce back from that and find hope for the future, hope for your life, purpose in your past, something to live for, look forward to…

Especially around Valentine’s Day those moments can be so painful. I’m sorry that you’re facing those things alone and that it feels like you’ve been cast aside. You are so much more valuable and important than that.


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